Testing the new 136g Lapua Scenar L out to 1130 yards.



When these first came out, they did not have a published B.C.   Everyone was guessing .6 to .690 and even shooting them and reporting back high estimated BC.     Then Lapua posted a rather low .574 and many were disappointed.  Using the G7 BC I’ve “trued” my speeds cheap canada gooseto much faster than what the chronograph is showing me.  I think the BC might the higher, but Lapua does test them using DOPPLER  RADAR so I think they would have a better idea than most of us do about the BC.     All I know is, 43.1g of H4350 in my 6.5 Creedmoor built by Aaron Roberts of RP RIFLES  had me reaching 1130 yards w/ only a 9.2 mil come up.  That’s either a really fast, or a really slick bullet!   My trued velocity is 2930 FPS. One thing for sure is they hammer!   I use this exact same load with the 140g Hybrids and it hits mil for mill with the 136Ls out to 1000 yards.


UPDATE.  I have sent these rounds over a magneto speed chronograph and the result was 2940 FPS. I’ve used those speeds on my Kestrel 4500 NV w/ Applied Ballistics and the canada goose on sale data works great out to 1,300 yards so far. I’m hoping I can reach out to 1,500 yards soon and see how the Kestrel works w/ transonic ranges.


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  1. Outstanding! I like seeing a report with a real world example like this. What sort of spotter was that? Nice glass.

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