Teludyne Tech Industries ,1000 Yards With a 2×6 and a Savage

I recently took a competition rifles class at Rifles Only  and in our downtime I met Brad of Wilder Tactical.  When I walked out of the bunk house I saw him holding an AR 15 w/ the barrel the size of a coke can.  I laughed to myself as I thought… I’ve finally found an AR that weights more than mine!   I went to pick Parajumpers Kodiak Jakkeit up off the table and to my surprise…. It was really light.  Of course I had to ask what was this wizardry.   he explained it was a “Straight Jacket” from Teludyne Tech Industries.  Teludyne installs this jacket over your current barrel. This Jacket is a proprietary media that surrounds the barrel and is covered with an aluminum jacket. This thermal management technology is made to keep your rounds from walking when the barrel gets hot. Also the straitjacket minimizes barrel whip. The less barrel with you have, the more accurate your rifle will be. My biggest interest in the straitjacket is the increase barrel life. As a long-range precision shooter shooting in the precision rifle series, 10 round strings of fire in under 60 seconds is really not uncommon. Doing this to 10 times in a day , can really decrease your barrel life.



One other thing that Brad had with him that day, was a savage chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum.What it was missing was a stock. We’ll nothing  will ever stop us from shooting, so some duck tape, A 2 x 6 and a knife were used to craft the rifle you see below. Using a Bushnell 3.5-21×50 and an awful set up for rings, Jacob was able to zero the rifle and Parajumpers Right Hand head straight to the 1000 yard range. There w/ just one shot and a correction he was ringing steel at 1000 yards.   All photos and video were taken borrowed form Tactical 







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