Shooting 1,200+ yards “debunking” Nutnfancy

I’m not saying shooting 1,200 yards is easy, or that I always able to get first round impacts at 1,200 yards. If you know your dope, and make proper corrections you can get out to 1,200 yards and make solid impacts.

I’m not trying to start any kind of beef with Nutnfancy, I just feel the debunking video made it seem a lil harder than it is to shoot at these distances.

Knowing your rifle, it’s load, and how to make proper corrections is a big part of that.  In his video, there is no mention of what kind of ammo he’s using, or what he used to get his ballistic solution.


I’m going to work on a follow up video on just how you would get impacts at 1,200 yards. I know my rifle pretty well, so I’m going to load up some rounds with the Ruger Precision Rifle and go after the same target.

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