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My Appleseed Experience.



I first learned of appleseed a couple of years ago online. A shoot boss from appleseed had mentioned it to me, and honestly at the time I was not sure if it was for me.  I don’t ‘know if it was the lack of bipods, or that the training appeared to be outdated, but within minuets of showing up at a class I realized my online impression of the course was wrong.   Quoting from appleseedinfo.org’s site

Appleseed is

The Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills.


To keep it simple that’s exactly what it is.  The rifle marksmanship skills you can learn at this class can help any shooter. My ability to use a sling was sub par at best. I use slings in matches, and in training, but appleseed teaches you more than just how to use your sling.   They teach Natural Point of Aim (NPOA) , How to get into position, breathing, sight alignment, sight picture, safety and History!

They also teach you how to figure out what you’re doing wrong by looking at your target, this is a great low cost way to encourage shooters from all levels of marksmanship to learn something.   When I realized that the COF was more built up on fundamentals, I was really excited to attend. I feel all shooters can always use a brush up on the basics, it’s the CORE of shooting foundation.


When I signed up for the Appleseed class, I thought I was going to be shooting the KD COF.  KD is 100-200-300 and 400 yards.

I had two choices, My .223 Trainer from RPRifles, or my AR15.   Both are very accurate rifles, and the AR15 would be the easiest choice.  My intention however was not to make it as easy as possible, I wanted to shoot a COF that would translate as much as possible to my long range shooting.  So the best choice for me was my trainer rifle.

My Trainer is a Remington 700 SPS Tactical chambered in .223 I had it threaded, and a badger bolt knob added to it, and for this COF I took my Vortex Razor HD II 1-6 from my AR.  For a full day of unsupported shooting, this is a heavy rifle.  The AAC Cyclone at the end of the 20 inch barrel adds another 22 oz to the total weight.   The whole reason for my trainer is to simulate firing my match rifle. So for me this was going to be perfect.  I took 55gr and 69gr ammo from  Stand 1 Armory for 25m COF I used the 55gr. It typically shoots sub MOA out of my rifles. Another big plus using this setup was the  Sling I got from Short Action Precision.  While most don’t notice it, the sling has an adjustable loop built in that keeps you and the rifle tight!


Typically for a 25 yard COF a semi auto 22 or 223 or any centerfire cartridge you have will do. Make sure you check with the Shoot boss, to see if your firearm is allowed.

When I arrived, I found that we were not going to be able to shoot the KD course, but a simulated 100-400 yard course at 25y.

I was humbled at the difficulty of shooting small targets unsupported at 25 yards.  I would roughly say the round count was between 200 and 300 rounds. You go though and learn by instruction and shooting all of the positions you will use when you shoot your qualification target.  Some shooters shot more AQTs than I did. I only shot 2.   AQT is the Army Qualification target that you shoot for score.  There is a total score of 250 points, and a score of 210 will gain you the “expert” or rifleman  qualification.  For my first AQT  I scored a 220 and my 2nd a 214.  I was really excited to earn my Rifeman’s patch,

I had a great time at this event, and was very impressed at the passion these instructors have for the sport. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to learn the fundamental of shooting, including adjusting your scope/sights on target, and for experienced shooters who are always open to learning.  If you’re ever going to take any class to help improve your ability to put rounds on target, I’d suggest appleseed. You have no excuse not to go, bring what you have and they will help you though the rest.  The guys at Texas appleseed had slings, and zip ties, targets chamber flags etc.   You will not be left out. 

Quickly some things to bring are.

Rifle, Ammo, at least 2 magazines, shooting mat, or something to shoot off of, food for lunch, lots of water, something to sit on, safety glasses, ear protection, if you have a large tent for shade that will benefit you as well.

The one thing you have to bring is a learning attitude, if you do , I assure you you will learn something.

Lastly I really want to thank all the Volunteers from the Appleseed Texas group, I had an amazing time, and plan to take the KD class, as soon as it opens up.  You can find info for Texas on Facebook at AppleseedTexas


I was not able to get a lot of video from the day, but I did get most of the COF from the AQT that you qualify with.   On my 4th stage of my 2nd AQT a large amount of sand had blown in my action and locked up my trigger. I flushed it out, and it was back in action, by that time my battery was dead.


Here are some photos from the Event.  Below the photos you will find the COF for the AQT.  Thanks Huera Romero for the photos! 

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