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The FTW Sling designed after years of research and field development done exclusively at Rifles Only. Input from ccompeitive shooters, snipers from law enforcement and military, and shooting instructors has led to an innovative design that accommodates the needs of the modern precision rifle marksman.

The critical adjustment features of THE FTW sling include: two quick adjusting cam-buckles (one in the front, and one in the rear) as well as a revolutionary bungee strap. The forward cam-buckle serves allow micro adjustments to the overall sling tension. The rear cam-buckle serves to adjust the overall length of the sling and to tighten the sling around the bicep. The bungee section of the sling provides consistent tension pulling the weapon system snugly into the shooter’s shoulder pocket, and reducing the perceived weight when the weapon is slung over the shoulder or around the neck. All of the features combine to make a sling that can be deployed much faster, while providing a more stable shooting position. It is incredable what the bungee portion of this sling adds to so many areas. High quality cam-buckles and materials as well as exceptional craftsmanship provide years of reliable service. If that’s not enough, we back this product with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE! USA and TEXAS made!

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