My Black Friday $79 red dot = FAIL.

So the Bushnell TRS-25 is a great lil optic for the money. I was excited to come home from my deer hunting trip to find it at my door step!  I want to keep it, but what I don’t want is the awful mount/riser that came with it.  It would not stay in place on the rifle.   So I went to add a lil bit of pressure to the knob and… SNAP it was destroyed. I’m going to look for a better option now, if I can’t find it I guess I’ll mount it to my shotgun!

Cabelas has a great return policy and I’m sure they will have no problem taking it back, but I’d rather just keep the sight and buy my own mount.


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  1. I almost bought one of those. Does it require a riser? I ended up buying an eo-tec knock off that I don’t have an opinion on yet.

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