H&K VP9 Holster from Wilder Tactical.

I met Josh from Wilder Tactical at Rifles only. He had a huge knife and was cutting a “stock” for a Savage 300 win Mag, that Jacob later shot out to 1000 yards.


Later on that night, he had an muticam apron on, and a cigar hanging out of his mouth, making holsters till 3am or so while we all sat around drinking beer! I first had him make me the holster for my Dan Wesson 1911, and then some mag holsters for my M&P Pro. His work was good, and his designs were cool as well. On top of that, he was getting the work done pretty quickly. If he’s at Rifles Only, during a match he’ll make you a holster on the spot. Since then, every time I get a new gun, I just send him a message on FB and have him get started! My latest buy is the H&K VP9. Today, when I checked the mail box, I had two new holsters and a dual mag holster. If you want it made a certain way, he’s easy to work with, and keeps in touch. I highly recommend him.


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