First Look at the Bushnell LRHS

This literally just showed up at my door step a couple of hours ago. I Just wanted to show you guys some photos of this scope,as it won’t go into production until March. These are contracted by Light Optical in Japan. The same company that makes Nightforce and the Razor HD line of scopes.
I just spent the last hour looking though the LRHS and my MK6. It’s honestly hard to see any difference. I’m a big fan of the glass on my Leupold MK6 , and this seems right on par with it, if not better. I’ll be able to know more about it when I get it out in the field, but this scope is very nice. Crystal clear glass, amazing reticle, and I like the big low profile turret. I’m going to get some time behind it and give it a nice video review soon. Here are some photos I took today. Can’t compare the photo quality, but it’s nice to see what you’ll be getting. Note that there are photos of the LRHS and the Leupold Mark 6 3-18

Bushnell LRHS Specs
3-12 power
13.4″ long, comes with 2″ sunshade
30mm Tube
44mm OBJ
1/10th Mil/Mil adjustments
10 MIL per rev low profile elevation knob
24 mils of travel
Zero Stop (Easy to Set!!)
10 mil per rev windadge , capped
side focus 20ft to INF

M.A.P $1549

Group buy pricing.

Option #1 LRHS 3-12×44 G2H Scope $1499 + 1$ shipping $1500 Shipped
Option #2 LRHS 3-12×44 G2H Scope and a Scout 1000 ARC for $1550 Shipped – $200 Savings

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