40 day ATF E-file Approval

I originally bought this rifle as an AR Pistol and had attached a Sig-Brace to it. After the ATF posted their latest letter mentioning that shouldering it would turn the rifle into an SBR, I figured it was time to SBR this lil guy.  Really I had decided to SBR it back in Aug, but I messed up the form and it was disapproved.  Fast Forward to January 15th.  I read the news from the ATF and two days later I jumped online to E-File, and to do it right this time.  I followed the Visual guide: How to fill out a Form 1 using EFORMS on M4 Carbine.  What a great resource that was.  Big Shout out to Big Waylon for putting it together.

Honestly filling it out can be a bit stressful.  Making sure everything is filled out just right, so it’s not disapproved was much easier this time around.     I had heard that turn around on E-files was 30 days.  So on the 17th of February I logged in hoping that the ATF had forgotten to email me and that I had already been approved.  It was not, so I jumped over to NFA Tracker to stalk others approvals. Sure enough I did not see any others approved with the same submit date.    After waiting a year for my AAC Cyclone, you’d think I’d have more patience.

Well I’m not, so every day I logged into the ATF site, and to NFA tracker following everyones approval dates.  Then on the 24th I started to see a couple of approvals from the 17th, but most of them were from the 15th of January. Finally on the 26th I saw a surge of them on NFA tracker, and around noon that day I was approved!   The ATF sent me an email, and attached was a copy of my form 1 w/ a digital stamp on it!  You can also log into the ATF website and download another copy of it. I printed it out, and stuffed it in my Magpul UBR stock, then saved a copy to my laptop and my google drive. I do the same thing w/ my physical stamps as well.

So if you’re on the fence about building an SBR I’d say jump over that fence and do it.  You’ll need to have a trust, or a corporation, as individuals can not submit though the E-file system.  I highly recommend the Visual guide I linked to above.


Also before you construct your SBR you’ll need to have it engraved. I had mine engraved at House Of Blades in Ft. Worth, I was in and out in 20 min.

atf efile wait time


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